Until the Ice Cracks

You won’t know your friends from your enemies… until the ice cracks

UntiltheIceCracks_3dThe year is 2068. In Eldísvík city state, on the edge of the Arctic Circle, a police ‘decoy’ agent, shadowed by her trained pack of genetically altered foxes, contravenes orders and slaughters members of a criminal cartel.

Inspector Nero Cavallo must hunt this unidentified decoy down before the fragile balance between the legitimate and criminal worlds erupts into chaos.

Meanwhile, Bruno Mastriano, a young man hiding his telepathic powers, struggles to escape a gang of militants intent on exploiting his gift for themselves.

When a beautiful trainee joins Nero’s homicide team, things begin to unravel.

A gripping read that will appeal to fans of Philip K Dick, J.G. Ballard and the masterful Raymond Chandler.

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‘An intriguing read,’ Lit Amri5star-shiny-hr

‘Until The Ice Cracks is a ‘cracking’ start to a series for those who want to take Nordic noir to the next level,’ K.C. Finn

More interesting than your average futuristic police drama,’ Grant Leishman

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