5-star review for ‘The Truth in a Lie’

Two reviewer for Readers’ Favorite has just given ‘The Truth in a Lie’ 5-stars. 

“An engaging story that readers will love … (I) particularly like the way the author handles the dynamics in relationships, exploring the devastating effects of secrets kept, the power of loyalty and the fragile and intangible threads that bind a family together… The writing is good and filled with great descriptions… An engaging story with a lot for readers to think about.” 5-stars Gobi Jane reviewing for Readers’ Favorite

“one superb writer … Petrie’s characters are ordinary people living ordinary lives but we can’t forget them because they are so like us. The Truth in a Lie is top literary fiction: characters matter more than plot. The novel’s power lies in its simplicity, and it’s wonderful!” 5-stars Viga Boland reviewing for Readers’ Favorite




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