Blog Tour reviews: ‘The Truth in a Lie’

” This is an absolute must read. I highly recommend this book and have no idea how any review I write will do this book justice. I am so impressed how much I have loved this book…without a doubt a five star read” Little Miss Book Lover 87          Full review

“a lovely thought provoking read and one which should have a wide appeal.” Intensive Gassing About Books. read more

“Accurately portrays the complexities of modern relationships and life, and I recommend it as a solid engaging read…this is the third of Petrie’s books that I have read, and I must say that I am a fan!” Julie Barham Northern Reader  Full review

“I thought this was a fantastic book … I didn’t want to stop reading … I was pulled right into the book.” 5-stars from The Book Lover’s Boudoir  Read more

“a pleasant and engaging read. The narrative carries you along…A great book to snuggle down with on a wet day.” A  mixed review from The Library Door Read more

“A beautifully written book which kept me engaged throughout, likeable and very well developed characters. Heart warming tale of normal people shifting through the years, the changes thrown at them and the management of the consequences.” Claire Ogden.  Ogden Library IG@ogden_library Read more

“I felt I travelled on a journey with Charlotte as she unravels the past…A good read which kept me interested to the end.” C is For Claire Reads IG@c.isfor.claire_reads   Full review

In this interview with Book After Book @Silvia_reads I discuss what inspired the book and say more about my writing process.  Read the full interview here

“It was extremely well written, easy to follow and certainly gave me pause for thought…I enjoyed this book overall…I’d recommend it.” a mixed review from She Just Wanted to Read.  read more

“I love the author’s writing style, it is effortlessly skilled and a pleasure to read. The whole story just flows beautifully. I can see why her writing has been compared to Maggie O’Farrell and Ann Patchett… I would highly recommend this book.” Book Off I’m Reading ( Full review

“I really like how Jan writes, so when the opportunity arose to be part of her tour, I jumped at it…I do enjoy the way the author creates a scene and expands on that scene so I feel I am almost with Charlotte in the room.” Beyond the Books – with Sharon Rimmelzwaan Read more here


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