New novel’s blog tour – first reviews

“This book is a cross between a thriller and the sort of moral dilemma book that great writers like Jodi Picoult write about. Right from the very start your curiosity is peaked and you want to know what on earth is going on…I loved the way it was written, keeping you tense and on the edge of your seat the whole time.”

Kim IG @duckfacekim09

“I sympathised with Eve too, she hasn’t done anything wrong…This is a story of deception and lies but there is hope at the end.” 

Monika Reads @cissova 

“I thought this was an exciting and brilliant book to read…Jan Turk Petrie is a brilliant author, you are drawn into this story, you see it playing out in your mind…a really brilliant read with plenty to uncover.”

IG @snophiethe bookworm

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